Teaching awards and fellowships

Baylor University, University-wide Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award Recipient, Spring 2011

Academy for Teaching and Learning, Graduate Fellowship, Summer 2010-Spring 2012

Teacher of record

Yeshiva University, Personality Psychology, Spring 2014-Present

Baylor University, Social World I: The City and the Soul (Philosophy and Social Sciences), Fall 2011

Tarleton State University, Personality Psychology, Spring 2010

Baylor University, Introduction to College Life and Human Development, Fall 2009-Fall 2011

Tarleton State University, Cognitive Psychology, Fall 2009

Teaching assistant

Baylor University, Introduction to Statistics                                                    (Supervising professor: Roger E. Kirk, Ph.D.), Fall 2010-Spring 2012

Baylor University, Cognitive Psychology                                                            (Supervising professor: Charles E. Weaver, Ph.D.), Spring 2010-Summer 2010

Baylor University, Introduction to Neuroscience                                              (Supervising professor: Jaime Diaz-Granados, Ph.D.), Spring 2010 – Spring 2012

Baylor University, Research Methods                                                                  (Supervising professor: Matthew S. Stanford), Fall 2007-Fall 2009

Invited lectures

Baylor University, Honors Colloquium: What does your iPod playlist or a Facebook profile page say about you?: Investigations into what the things we own say about our personality.

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