Daily Archives: July 12, 2010

Getting with the times

So, I’ve finally jumped on board another technological thing late in the game.  But hey, it’s still good.  I downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone.  Did you know you can download sample books on that thing??  Yes.  I’m sure you did know that, but I just figured it out.  It’s amazing, and now I want an actual Kindle.  Currently, I’m sampling Exploring the Psychology of Interest by Paul Silvia.  Silvia is an amazing social psychologist (of course, I love them) who does a lot of research on interest and curiosity (among several other things).  I am most amazed at his viewpoint of interest as an emotion.  He states in the beginning of his book that a lot of people view interest as a cognitive process or motivational state but that there is a lot of evidence for it as an emotion.  Before picking up his book, I would have associated myself with that camp.  However, as per usual, I am slowly being persuaded by his data.  *Side note folks – the best way to win me over to your side of the argument is to show me a lot of very good, conclusive data.  I will always be a researcher at heart.*  Soon I’ll be getting the full version of his book because I’ve torn through my Amazon sample.  Marketing ploy win.

I encourage anyone out there looking for a good read to pick this book up.  It relates to almost every area of interest (no pun intended) – education, vocation, personality, motivation, etc.  As far as I have read, it’s a very good read which I highly recommend.  Once again, this relates to my job.  How lucky am I?  So lucky.