Daily Archives: June 10, 2010

New steps in teaching and learning

Well, today (or rather a week ago) I am officially a graduate fellow for the Academy for Teaching and Learning.  I have to say – it feels good.  Amongst all the craziness and business that work life brings with it in the research world for me, it is so nice I have a place to go and think creatively and critically about my own teaching and the teaching of others. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the ATL, it is a branch of Baylor that focuses on utilizing technology in higher education (amongst many other things).  I am beyond blessed to work under Dr. Gardner Campbell, who is such an inspiring leader.  I hope one day to embrace the same type of optimism and encouragement that he has in the projects that I lead.  It is such a relief to work under someone who is always cheering you on and encouraging you to think outside the box.  It is one of the first times in my life I feel safe to throw anything out on the table and see where it leads me (something I, a huge planner, do not do naturally).  I am also blessed to work with 5 other graduate fellows who are each creative, brilliant, and interesting in their own ways.  The diversity of thoughts and opinions in our meetings just becomes a huge source of energy to encourage me along this sometimes exhausting journey of academia.

So be expecting a lot more blog posts about what I am both learning and teaching in this next year.  It will, as always, be the former while I am stumbling towards achieving the latter.  Hopefully you will glean some wisdom, insight, or encouragement along my journey.  I hope to share it with as many of you as possible!