iPads and technology – true love at first sight?

Last night I just watched the newest episode of Modern Family, a new comedy on ABC, in which Phil (one of the main characters, a father) receives an iPad for his birthday. **Side note – for those of you not watching Modern Family, you should give it a shot. It is quite possibly one of the most hilarious things on TV.** Anyway, the whole episode is centered around Phil desperately wanting an iPad for his birthday, but his wife oversleeps and does not make it to the store in time to purchase one. So, she (Claire) is chaotically running around in order to get him one (they are, of course, sold out everywhere). Finally, at the end of the episode, Claire manages to get him one and Phil, who had previously been depressed, just lights up when he sees the iPad. There is a hilarious shot at the end of the show where Phil is caressing his iPad and telling him he loves it.

This episode reminded me of the day I got my iPhone. Embarrassingly enough, I can totally relate to Phil’s feelings about his new piece of technology. You are so mesmerized by its capabilities that it takes you almost completely out of this world and into the technological world of your device. They marvel and amaze us, but are they helping us or distracting us from living our lives? Is it ok that technology has such a hold on us? I do not know. I’m still convinced that the good can outweigh the bad, but I thought this small parody on our obsession with new technological devices was hilarious if not even a little bit enlightening. You should watch it too. Catch it on hulu.com or abc.com.

About Megan Johnson Shen

I am a social psychologist graduating with my Ph.D. from Baylor University this May and moving to NYC this summer to start a new job as a postdoctoral researcher at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in the Cancer Prevention and Control Department. I love the brain, human behavior, and anything to do with understanding them better. I love research and a good dinner party. Fine wine and cheese - I'm there. Interesting experimental data? I'll probably show for that too. View all posts by Megan Johnson Shen

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